Synacor Launches New Support Program for 400+ Million Zimbra Open Source Users

BUFFALO – September 8, 2016 – Synacor, Inc. (Nasdaq:SYNC), the trusted multiscreen technology, and monetization partner for video, internet and communications providers, device manufacturers and enterprises, today announced the launch of Zimbra Open Source Support, a new global program for its 400+ million Zimbra open source-based email and collaboration software users. In addition, the company announced the availability of new add-on features in Zimbra Suite Plus including mobile sync, backup, storage and admin tools. These initiatives address the escalating marketplace demand for Zimbra Open Source Support as well as provide additional revenue opportunities for both Synacor and the global Zimbra partner network. Zimbra Open Source Support, for on-premise deployment of Zimbra Open Source Edition (OSE), and Zimbra Suite Plus are available only via authorized and certified Zimbra VARs. Add-on features included in Zimbra Suite Plus are sourced from an OEM agreement with Zextras, and are available for both Zimbra Open Source Edition (OSE) and Zimbra Network Edition (NE) customers.
The Open Source Support and Suite Plus Program demonstrate our continuing commitment to the Zimbra Open Source community, and also represent an exciting new opportunity for Synacor and our Partners,” said Himesh Bhise, CEO of Synacor.
“This is the biggest move we’ve made in Open Source in a long time,” said Brent Rhymes, EVP Channel Sales & Marketing at Synacor (and formerly President of Zimbra). “Zimbra’s eagerly anticipated Open Source Support and Zimbra Suite Plus are now available to the worldwide Zimbra Open Source community. We’ve blown the doors wide open for Zimbra channel partners to participate in the vast open source market. Qualified Zimbra Partners can expect new revenue opportunities, preferred pricing, and a growing list of customers. Loyal users of Zimbra’s Open Source Edition can now rely upon expert tech support, increased security and privacy, and features they’ve been clamoring for.”
“As a long standing Zimbra Gold Partner, XMission is very happy to see Synacor delivering on promises made when acquiring Zimbra. We are excited to expand our reach into the massive Open Source community with official options for Zimbra Open Source Support along with Zimbra’s suite of four new add-on tools,” said John Webster, Vice President, Product – Email and Collaboration at XMission. “Synacor is on-point in creating a thriving ecosystem around the proven Zimbra email and collaboration platform. This give partners like XMission access to a larger customer base, increased revenue opportunities, and differentiates our Zimbra offering in the marketplace.”
“As a leading developer delivering Zimbra Extensions to millions of Zimbra Open Source users, Zextras is thrilled to partner with Synacor to make Zimbra Backup Plus, Zimbra Admin Plus, Zimbra HSM Plus, and Zimbra Mobile Plus available to both Open Source and Network Edition users through Zimbra’s worldwide channel network,” said Paolo Storti, CEO of Zextras. Together, we provide our partners and their customers a strong choice for email and collaboration services.”

Zimbra Open Source Support (ZOSS): The Best Support for the Best Open Source Email Software

  • Elevate to Business Ready: OSE Support takes Zimbra deployments to the business-ready level.
  • Private & Secure: ZOSS helps Zimbra OSE users keep their environments current with the latest releases of Zimbra and the latest security patches.
  • Local Support: Now the hundreds of millions of Zimbra OSE users can get Support in their local language, during their business hours, by people who understand their business needs and culture.
  • Expert Support: Zimbra Open Source Support is provided by authorized, certified partners—experts who know Zimbra best.

Zimbra Suite Plus: Add-on features to upgrade Zimbra Server Capabilities in Open Source or Network Edition

  • Zimbra Backup Plus: Leverages an innovative, real-time engine that backs up every item and event on a Zimbra server with split-second precision. Avoids data loss by using atomic and ever-consistent algorithms, while saving disk space due to an intelligent de-duplication and compression system.
  • Zimbra Admin Plus: Provides Zimbra administrators the ability to delegate rights on a dedicated server, so the delegated administrator can perform user management tasks, such as setting quotas, modifying COS variables and setting user limits for domains. Zimbra Admin Plus greatly simplifies the management of complex, multi-tenant environments including managing Zimbra email clouds.
  • Zimbra HSM Plus: Enables Zimbra Administrators to manage multiple volumes and HSM policies through the Zimbra Suite Plus Administration Zimlet. This Zimlet is fully integrated into the Zimbra Administration Console, providing advanced storage management tools like volume compression, deduplication and Amazon S3 integration to effectively organize and manage storage.
  • Zimbra Mobile Plus: Allows users to sync their Zimbra mailbox with their mobile devices through the popular Exchange ActiveSync protocol, natively supported by the vast majority of mobile devices. Developed and tested to ensure the highest grade of compatibility with any mobile device, Zimbra Mobile Plus goes beyond the typical email, address book, calendar and task synchronization functionality and also includes shared folder synchronization and full MDM support.

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